How to Get App Store Rankings

When we talk about ranking on app stores there are many factors that have great influence. If you optimize each of these factors you are bound to see an immense increase in downloads as this is basically SEO for app stores.

To start off with, your title is one of your most important factors. The keywords that are contained in your title are the ones that carry the most weight. You can rank as much as 10.3 percent higher with the inclusion of keywords than you would otherwise.

app store rankings.jpg

The one similarity between ASO and SEO is the keywords you’ll be using. They need to be very alike but in SEO you have as much space as you may need to include these keywords but on an app store you are very restricted in this area. This means that even though your keywords should look similar in both techniques, you may want to opt for single keywords instead of long tail phrases used for SEO purposes. This is purely done to save space.

App store optimization is an important task to take on but will only do so much for you. The number of downloads your app sees is one of those factors that will get the store to place you higher or lower. Because it likes to offer its visitors a product of great value, your app would rank higher if it receives more downloads.

Something new to the ranking process is your rating value. This value will also see your position climb a whole lot if the rankings that you get are high. It comes back to the store wanting to offer a high quality product.

These are just the most important points to look at but be aware that there are many other factors that also influence your app store rankings.


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