How to Recover Website from Google Penalty

Google has a lot of things that they penalize websites for and they all take some work to fix but in this article I want to talk about unnatural link penalties specifically. This is where you link to sites with poor reputation or where you linkspam your site. When Google picks this up your trust drops and this results in a drop on SERPs too which means that you need to sort your Google penalty recovery A.S.A.P. Your traffic can be reduced by as much as 95% overnight while the transgressor has no idea what happened or what they did wrong. This is why you need to keep your site compliant to Google’s guidelines. Here follows two ways that may help you recover if you do not want to get Google penalty recovery services.

google penalty recovery services.jpg

  • Clean up all of the unnatural links to your site. This doesn’t mean you have to delete your articles featured on high traffic sites or have anchor text that point to your site edited, both of which could cost you actual money. Just remove all of the links to low reputed sites.
  • Start from the very beginning. Build a new site and get it over with. If you do not have the know-how to do this you could always call in the services of a company like Boon Info Tech.

The mentioned company not only deals with recovery with regards to Google penalties and web design and development, they are also an SEO services provider.


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